Image of HAPPY NEW YEAR - s/t - 12" LP
  • Image of HAPPY NEW YEAR - s/t - 12" LP

HAPPY NEW YEAR - s/t - 12" LP


Brainchild of New York via Brisbane artist Eleanor Logan, Happy New Year's debut full length is the expression of noise with a love affair for pop.

300 copies on white with pink-splattered vinyl
ref : SVNSNS007

Tracklisting :
Side A : 1. Modern Living - 2. Twins - 3. Movies - 4. Cranes
Side B : 1. Winter Sun - 2. Summer - 3. Gold Medallion - 4. High Sea

Rough Trade says : "limited lp on pink and white splatter vinyl. shimmering stirrings from brooklyn... diy artist happy new year - aka eleanor logan - has progressed from perfectly executed synth pop to a more ambitious, kaleidoscopic sound. a graduate of the brooklyn noise scene, happy new year manages to marry an out-side-the-box thinking with true expressions of the heart through the medium of pop. self-produced and awash with lush, varied instrumentation, her full album debut showcases logan's breathy voice as a tool to elucidate feelings that are sometimes too obscure to form into words. the underground pop music of high places, post punk influences and a sense of wide-eyed wonderment inform 'happy new year.' chimes, bells, vintage synths and an almost zen sense of balance create a truly psychedelic atmosphere here without detracting from the essentially heartfelt and extremely well written songs."